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Pung-Waan Resort (Kwai Noi), Land of Beautiful Mountains and Riverine of Western Thailand

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Welcome to Pung-Waan Resort (Kwai Noi)
Pung-Waan Resort, land of beautiful mountains and riverine of Western Thailand

Welcome to the land of beautiful mountains and riverine of Western Thailand. Here, Pung-Waan Resort has been created as a sanctuary for your retreat on the bank of the Kwai Noi River, a tributary of the famous River Kwai, on a vast property covering over 120 acres of land. Our resort is located only 190 km from Bangkok and 55km from downtown Kanchanaburi, which can be easily accessed by private cars, buses and train. Whatever your preference is, be it accommodation or transportation or others, We will be delighted to custom-design your plan to the best of your satisfaction.

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