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at Nata Chiangmai Chic Jungle, Nature and Waterfall Mae Rim, Chiangmai Resort

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at Nata Chiangmai Chic Jungle, Mae Rim Resort, Chiangmai

Located on Mae Rim District, Chiangmai, the feeling of nature and waterfall Maerim Chiangmai resort. The Chiangmai waterfall resort make you enjoy with the best time the best experience in Chiangmai.

Nata Chiangmai is set in Mae Rim, north-west of Chiangmai, 25 minute from airport, bus station, train station, center nature eco tour (example Tiger Kingdom, Crocodile Training Show, ATV Adventure, Shooting Center, Jungle Horse Riding, Long Neck Hill Tribe Village, Elephant Farm, Orchid Farm, surrounded by Tropical Forests, Flower Gardens Orchards), relaxing with luxury comfortable swimming pool, and nature waterfall view rooms. The resort lodges a unique adventurous experience among the natural beauty of Northern Thailand.

The Mae Rim district has a total area of 9 Tambon area of 443.6/sq km, 84,570 people, density of 190.64people/sq km. Areas of 4 Tambons (Tambon Mae Rim, Pong Yang, Saloang, Hoawsai) to a forested watershed Doi Suthep National Park in the fifth district is a flat area with a slope from west to east and west, surrounded by mountains. The east side is plain. The River flows through. There are three major natural waterways include the Mae Ping River, the Rim River, the Sa River.

So Mae Rim district is significance of the main sights of Chiangmai, whether it is adventure travel or eco-tourism. With many beautiful high mountain views example Monjam mountain, and as well as nature trails for those who love hiking and adventure, natural place to live along with nature to restore health, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Hilltribe Communities, Mae Sa Waterfall, Mae Sa Orchid Farm, Butterfly Farm, and many other Maesa Elephant Camp in Mae Rim, Chiangmai. It’s an area rich in landscape for growing strawberries, just 20 minutes away from Chiangmai International Airport.

at Nata Chiangmai Chic Jungle
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