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CPN Announces the Grand Opening of ‘Central Phuket’ on September 10, 2018

in Social Events on 17/08/2018

CPN announces the grand opening of ‘Central Phuket’ on September 10, 2018; aims to create ‘The World’s Must-Visit Destination in Thailand’ under the concept of ‘The World Comes to Play’.

As a CPN’s luxury flagship store, Central Phuket will create a world-class experience, complementing Phuket as one of the world beach destinations, comparable to the French Riviera, Miami and Hawaii.

Follow the ‘Luxury & Leisure Lifestyle’ trend of people from around the world; with over 20 luxury and international brands and three world-class attractions including ‘Tales of Thailand’, the largest indoor market reflecting Thainess lifestyle from 4 regions, ‘Tribhum’, the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park and ‘Aquaria’, the newest format of aquarium in Thailand.

Feature the 1st Time in Thailand with an international show ‘Star Catcher’ – an innovative live performance of 360 degree theatrical experience by the performer known as ‘Creativiva’ imported from Canada during 10th-16th September, 2018.

Phuket (August 15, 2018) – Central Pattana Plc (CPN) today announced that the official Grand Opening of Central Phuket will be held on September 10, 2018, creating world-class experience under the concept of ‘The World Comes to Play’. Establishing a new ‘CBD’ in the heart of Phuket, Central Phuket is developed with a total investment of 20 billion baht which comprises of a shopping center and world-class tourist attractions, aiming to become ‘The World’s Must-Visit Destination in Thailand’. It also comes with a future plan to develop an international-standard convention hall for domestic and international meetings, as well as a world-class hotel, supporting Phuket’s tourism and the government’s policy to develop Phuket as a ‘Super Cluster’ city and ‘Smart City. This will fulfill the shopping and lifestyle experience to establish Phuket as one of the complete ‘Beach Lifestyle Destinations’ comparable to French Riviera, Miami and Hawaii.

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy CEO of Central Pattana Plc, said: “Central Phuket is ready to open on 10th September. This project highlights our excellence on a global scale in three aspects: a ‘World-Class Project’ – it is a world-class mega project and Central Pattana’s luxury flagship store, a fulfilling shopping experience making Phuket the perfect ‘Beach Lifestyle Destination’ comparable to the French Riviera or Miami and Hawaii in the USA; ‘World-Class Experience’ – creating a world-class experience that elevates Phuket to one of the ‘Global Luxury Destinations’, meeting the ‘Luxury & Leisure Lifestyle’ travel trend of people from around the world, with a selection of global brands and launching international events throughout the year under the concept of ‘The World Comes to Play’; and ‘World-Class Attractions’ – the new destination for tourists from all over the world with the ‘World’s First Ever’ attractions. Visiting Central Phuket will fulfill all types of lifestyles: eat, shop and have fun throughout the day.”

Ms. Wallaya added: “Central Phuket helps to emphasize us as a global player and it is in line with the provincial development policy to elevate Phuket to be one of the most complete travel destinations in the world. The positioning of Central Phuket is set to be ‘The Magnitude of ‘Luxury & Leisure’ Resort Shopping Destination’, a seamless combination of Luxury and Leisure Lifestyle in one place. It consists of two buildings: Floresta focuses on tourists and customers who prefer a luxurious lifestyle, enjoy shopping for leading brands and like to visit world-class attractions; Festival aims to attract family-group customers who regularly visit the shopping center to shop, enjoy good food and watch movies. We also plan to develop an international and regional convention center as well as a world-class hotel.”

Central Phuket consists of 2 buildings and world-class attractions with the total investment of 20 billion baht. It is located on 111 rai of land with a total ground floor area (GFA) of 400,000 square meters. Situated on a prime location on Wichit Songkram Road (or the new CBD of Phuket), it is the largest retail space in Phuket and in the South of Thailand; fulfilling the needs of locals and tourists comprehensively, covering free independent travelers (FIT), tour groups and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) in one place.

“We believe that with our expertise and long experience in developing shopping centers and hotels in Phuket, Central Phuket will be a mega project that will help to support a huge leap in growth for Phuket’s economy, create jobs and income for people and fully support the tourism industry. Visit Phuket and you may no longer need to shop in or travel to Bangkok or overseas,” Ms. Wallaya said.

CPN’s executives led by (Middle) Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy CEO; (Left) Mr. Pakorn Partanapat, Chief Operating Officer, (Right) Mr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana Ph.D., Executive Vice President – Marketing.

Central Phuket’s perspective.

Tales of Thailand, a world-class attraction at Central Phuket.

Tribhum, the World’s First 3D Walkthrough Adventure Theme Park, which will officially open in October 2018 at Central Phuket.

Aquaria, Thailand’s newest format of aquarium, which will open in January 2019 at Central Phuket.

Mr. Pakorn Partanapat, Chief Operating Officer of Central Pattana Plc, talked about the changes in tourism trends of the new generation of travelers saying: “Nowadays, the new generation of travelers have their own unique style of travel, focusing on ‘exploring new experiences’; we have to meet the needs of luxury travel while providing these travelers with adventure, entertainment and activities as well as giving a touch of local living.”

“CPN is the first shopping center developer in Phuket to initiate the ‘Luxury & Leisure Lifestyle’ trend. We have integrated it into Central Phuket in order to offer unique leisure activities that represent the authentic charms of Phuket and Thailand in combination with world-class unparelled luxury in one place, aiming to fulfill all needs with a total of over 400 luxury bridge line and lifestyle brands and restaurants.”

In addition, Central Phuket is outstanding with several world-class attractions, which will become new highlight destinations that tourists should not miss: Tribhum – a 3D virtual adventure in the world’s first fantasy walkthrough, which will officially open in October 2018, Tales of Thailand – the largest indoor market reflecting Thainess lifestyle from 4 regions and Aquaria – Thailand’s newest format of aquarium (open in January 2019) and other services to support tourists from all over the world. Tourist & VIP Lounges welcome both Thai and foreign customers and are equipped with superior services such as free Internet & Wifi, concierge services, massage chairs, a nap area, shower room, tourist service center for tour group customers, and providing services such as bag deposit, courier services, tour agents, car rentals, transportation services, luggage delivery to the airport and tourist service center.

“Central Pattana is also aware of the importance of environmental sustainability in Phuket, especially the problem of waste. This environmental project is CPN’s first model for full-cycle waste reduction. We support the activities of systematically reducing, separating and properly disposing of rubbish. We are holding roadshows together with our CPN volunteer team in order to provide up-to-date knowledge on how to separate rubbish for communities and schools in Phuket, cultivating young people to be good citizens. We are joining hands with the municipality to encourage the use of cloth bags to reduce the use of plastic bags,” Mr. Pakorn added.

The highlights for the Grand Opening on 10th September, 2018 include first-time, world-class performances in Thailand, such as an innovative live performance of 360 degree theatrical experiences entitled ‘Star Catcher’ by the ‘Creativiva’, the world’s famous performance show from Canada and international street shows including ‘Bubble on Circus’, soap-bubble art created by artists from Italy and ‘The Balloon Show’, creative balloon art performed by an artist from Japan as well as meeting up with Thai popular actors and actresses ‘Pope Thanawat’ and ‘Bella Ranee’ in the show entitled ‘The First Glorious Light of Phuket’. And do not miss the fantastic lighting show ‘The Sealumination’ during 10th–16th September, 2018.

We will also hold other world-class signature events beginning at the end of the year and through the new year i.e. Phuket International Music Festival and Phuket International Countdown 2019 for the first time in Phuket to help enhance the province as the destination of choice for people around the world to visit during New Year and as one of the countdown landmarks that everyone eagerly anticipates under the concept of ‘Central Phuket – The World Comes to Play’.”

“In addition, we are creating ‘World Play Photo Landmark’ sculpture installation art designed under the concept of ‘World Play’ in which tourists and customers can ‘check-in’ and take photos in major areas of Phuket such as the city center, the piers and other tourist attractions. Special touches that can be experienced only at Central Phuket include the ‘Dining Exclusively Only At Central Phuket’, where the shopping center has joined hands with partner restaurants to create the exclusive ‘Phuket Menu, which will further boost the reputation of Phuket’s popular cuisine. At the grand opening event, when spending 5,000 baht and up, get a free Limited Edition ‘Phuket Signature Sense & Blend’ by Central Phuket x DIVANA, a luxury Thai spa brand that is internationally well-known. International tourists registering as a member of The 1 Tourist, get a free premium Central Phuket tote bag and other promotions and deals from the stores and CPN’s business partners.

For more information, please contact Public Relations Department, Central Pattana Plc at 02-667-5555 Thitiphon Untrakul ext. 4199 or Sunudda Wat-on ext. 4105.